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The Power of Philantropy

Philanthropic investment by individual donors as well as corporate, foundation, and government partners will accelerate innovation in Caltech's new Center for Sensing to Intelligence (S2I). Such support complements federal research funding in essential ways: It gives researchers flexibility to seize time-sensitive opportunities, explore their best ideas, and kick-start innovative projects that can bring in federal dollars later.

There are many ways you can support us in empowering S2I scientists and engineers to create tools and technologies with the potential to transform science and society.

Endowment Opportunities

Current-use Opportunities

S2I Slide Presentation

View the Sensing to Intelligence at Caltech slide presentation to learn more about the Institute's vision for creating a more connected, more resilient, and healthier world.

Start a Conversation

Learn more about how you can advance game-changing S2I discoveries at Caltech.

Individual giving
Laura Grinnell
Senior Director of Development
Corporate/government giving
Maral Gharib
Associate Director for Corporate Partnerships