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Projects Awarded Seed Funding

Yaser Abu-Mostafa Predicting the Spread of COVID-19 Using Artificial Intelligence
Katherine Bouman AI Meets Real-World Science: Optimal Sequential Sensing for Next- Generation Imaging
Azita Emami Robust, Energy-Efficient Machine Learning Systems for Neural Interfaces
Changhuei Yang Banking and Focusing a Light Beam Off a Wall
Azita Emami, Richard Murray Field Programmable Silicon-Cell VLSI Circuits for Advanced Diagnostics and Detection
Andrei Faraon Next Generation Spatial Light Modulators Based on Metasurfaces and 2D Materials
Steven Low Control of Distributed Energy Resources in Power Grid
Mohammad Mirhosseini A Modular Microwave-to-Optical Quantum Interconnect
Pietro Perona Low-power 3D Video with Event-based Focal Stacks
Changhuei Yang Optimizing Data Type for AI Assisted Histopathology Analysis: A Theoretical-Experimental Approach
Alireza Marandi, Anima Anandkumar Towards Universal Nanophotonic Breath Analyzer
Henry Lester, Wei Gao Wearable, Generalizable Devices for Continuous Personal Pharmacokinetics of Abused Drugs
Julia Greer Additive Manufacturing of 3D Meta-Optics for Near/Mid-Infrared Imaging
Chiara Daraio,
Azita Emami
Dynamic Correction of Presbyopia
Rustem Ismagilov, Matt Thomson Exploring the Fundamental Limits of Stochastic Sensing
Steven Low Workplace Decarbonization through Real-Time Data, Learning, and Control
Yu-Chong Tai An Adaptive Medical Acoustic Sensor for HealthDiagnostics
Lihong Wang N-Fold Super-Resolution Quantum Microscopy
Changhuei Yang Quantitative Concussion Assessment through Interferometric Speckle Visibility Spectroscopy (iSVS)
Yisong Yue Uncertainty-Aware Representation Learning for Active Sensing and Experiment Design: From Medical Imaging to Protein Synthesis